Positive Psychology and Work

por | May 19, 2014

img_positiveA central tenet of Birkman International, its founder Dr. Roger Birkman, and The Birkman Method® assessment is that job well-being is attainable and necessary for optimal human functioning and organizational health. This is positive psychology,
positive psychology which should not be confused with self-help or self-affirmation, no matter how good these may make us feel. Instead, they are the processes and techniques that encourage people to identify and foster positive emotions, experiences, and character traits. They are not “soft,” because they contribute to the bottom line of the organization.

Research in positive psychology suggests that job well-being – defined as pleasure, engagement, resilience and a sense of meaning or purpose – can improve revenue, profitability, staff retention, customer loyalty, and workplace safety. While many positive psychology studies remain in the early stages of findings, they strongly suggest that “positive emotions” can increase creativity and problem-solving ability while aiding in stress management and health.

By: Mark Wickliffe, BIRKMAN

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